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Garden Grass has developed a wide range of artificial turf products for landscape, leisure, playgrounds and mini sports, based on 20 years of experience in the synthetic turf industry. The design and composition of Garden Grass products was initially born out of a collaboration with the leading European sports turf systems producer GreenFields. With distribution in 51 countries and installations for a wide variety of applications Garden Grass has become one of the leading brands in this market segment.
Artificial grass production is based in the Netherlands and assures that all products conform with the European quality norms. This results in products that are safe for the environment, people and animals. Furthermore the products can easily be recycled. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information you require. Our customer service will be delighted to assist you.

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Gallery of installations


A range of artificial grass products are available from luxury residential grasses to durable commercial leisure surfaces. A variety of settings are showcased in the photo gallery so you can see the endless possibilities with GardenGrass.

Aviation Turf

Aviation Turf

Aviation Turf™ provides a patented Composite Erosion Control System™ that meets FAA standards which will not only provide safer, more reliable airport green space, but also provide temporary or permanent erosion control. This FAA and Airport tested Polypropylene/Polyethylene Composite Turf will not only provide safer, more reliable airport green space, but also provide temporary or permanent erosion control. In addition, Aviation Turf™ reduces maintenance and operational costs, Foreign Object Debris (FOD), improves water drainage/runoff, and also shrinks your environmental footprint.

Towards the Green Generation


Being a responsible, ethical company today requires that we go beyond doing ‘business as usual’ – it requires an investment in society and the environment. At GardenGrass we acknowledge this responsibility, as a key-player within the industry of artificial turf. Today, environmental considerations are regarded as an integral part of our company’s operations and strategies – from product development and production, all the way through to recycling of synthetic turf systems.

GardenGrass in Rondeel poultry house

Recent project

The aim of the initiators was to introduce a true-to-nature concept into the hens’ day quarters. In other words: to simulate the hens’ natural outdoor environment indoors. Not natural grass, which would have a limited life span, but artificial grass. GardenGrass was the only supplier willing to take up the challenge of fitting the entire Day Quarters out with artificial grass, allowing the hens to move around freely, scratch and peck at the ground.

Joyful, colourfull and resistant

Coloured Grass

Looking for high quality colorfull carpets? ColorGrass carpet are the perfect solution. Available in 9 sparkling colors and a variance of natural and trendy colors. With ColorGrass you decorate your indoor- and outdoor environment in a trendy and colorfull way. Click on the link to visit the website of ColorGrass.

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Garden Grass manufactures high quality artificial turf for retailers across the world. Interested in selling our popular product range to consumers in your country. This is an excellent opportunity if you are looking to start up a new business or expand the services of an existing company.

European Synthetic Turf Organisation (ESTO)


European Synthetic Turf Organisation GardenGrass is a proud member of the European Synthetic Turf Organisation (ESTO). This is an industry association formed to ensure quality turf and to provide information that can help clients and end-users find the most appropriate solutions in synthetic turf systems. ESTO currently represents 18 leading European producers of synthetic turf who employ in total over 20.000 employees with total yearly sales of over 25 million m2 of synthetic turf.
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